[solved] Linux fluxbox: graphics corruption on desktop switch

Better than a long story, some pictures that show Renoise + other programs sharing UI parts when switching virtual desktops…

This happens since RC2 (that I had installed but didn’t test until today), gold affected as well.
Not sure if this is due to a change in my system - possible since I’m running Arch x86 and updating everyday.

The only particularity in my environment is probably the WM (Fluxbox) and the weird graphic bug seems to affect particulary the taskbar area.
Closing Renoise and reopening doesn’t help, I have to restart the X session.

I’ll try to rollback to previous betas tomorrow and report back.



Very likely Fluxbox which is/got broken here. Nothing relevant I can think of changed here within the betas in Renoise. As an application it’s also hard to break something like this - desktop switching and window management is handled by X11 and the window manager.

Not saying it’s impossible that it’s our fault, just not very likely. So please let us know if you can find out some more details.

Ok, I’ll test further, switch WM, etc…
thanks for feedback

Didn’t test properly yet but found that “xf86-video-intel” has been upgraded last week.
Still need to investigate further as this affects only Renoise which is also weird.



I’ve seen similar corruption using intel driver. Switching AccelMethod to glamor from SNA seems to improve the situation. AFAIK while SNA should have the best performance in most operations (at current time), it is also notorious for having lots of rendering issues.

Also some options like ‘Tearfree’ seem to effect this, as well as the window manager used.

Currently with glamor accel method and tearfree disabled, looks like the corruption is gone (in GNOME desktop environment)

Yep, that’s the intel driver, not the wm - I could reproduce the issue with xfce & openbox.
Downgrading xf86-video-intel from 2.99.911-2 -> 2.99.911-1 and issue is completely gone - even with SNA (didn’t try switching acceleration method yet).
No problem found with any other app than Renoise (even a few games).

Confirmed: latest intel driver 2.99.911-1 with SNA (now the default) on my old chipset (GM45) doesn’t play well with Renoise.
Switched back to UXA for now and issue is completely gone (will try glamor eventually).

Thanks pussi for the hints :wink:

Might not be a bug with Renoise but maybe worth documenting?

Ok, so no glamor with that old chipset, that leaves UXA as the only workaround in my case.

Conclusion so far: With recent intel Linux drivers (>= 2.99.911-1 which defaults to SNA acceleration), on some Intel chipsets Renoise may probably not look very good of the box with some WMs or DEs.

The fix:

Create /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf

With the following content:

Section "Device"  
 Identifier "Intel Graphics"  
 Driver "intel"  
# Option "AccelMethod" "sna"  
 Option "AccelMethod" "uxa"  
# Option "AccelMethod" "glamor"  

and reboot/restart X, whatever.

In case other people are affected, I’d suggest maybe adding an item in the installation FAQ?