[Solved] Long Samples Suddenly Cut Out

Hi. I’m working on my linux system with 2.6. I have two 5 minute samples in two different tracks but about 1/4 the way through the first track just stops playing and the second track continues. I’ve tried testing the WAV file in audacity, and I’ve tried both autoseek and non-autoseek. Don’t know what to do. I would hate to have to chop it up into sections! any help would be appreciated.

Did you check in Renoise’s sample editor to see that both samples are actually completely loaded?

When you are loading a long sample, you must wait for it to completely load before you do anything else. If you attempt to load another sample into a different slot, this will interrupt and cancel the loading of the first sample. Similarly, if you press Escape during loading then it will stop.

Problem solved. That’s it, I just have to wait a bit longer and not hit escape to enter edit mode Thanks so much!!!

Yeah I’ve had that too, Renoise should really do this in the background and/or offer a “cancel sample import”

Keeping escape pressed for a few seconds should abort the loading.

Yes but you’re missing the important bit from that quote.

do this (loading of a sample) in the background

So that starting a new sample and other operations doesn’t cancel the load half way through, and only pressing Esc will cancel it.

yes, that would indeed be nice.

Would be nice, if the file-loading process of each section is also threaded it in its own section (meaning loading multiple instruments or samples are done simultaneously)
But i think this is not really easy to do:yes the fileloading perhaps, but not the processing of the sample(s).

I think this behavior must change.
Maybe Renoise just waits with some progress bar?
or better will be in the background indeed.