[Solved]Low Volume Issue

I will try and explain this as clearly as I can. Here are the steps I go through to get this issue on my pc.

  1. Open Renoise
  2. Cheer and punch the air…
  3. Open one of the demo tracks
  4. Play the demo track and adjust volume to a sensible level
  5. Stop the demo track playing
  6. Select an instrument
  7. Play the instrument in any of the tracks (try many different)
  8. The volume is so low that it makes it impossible to edit a track

If I turn up the volume then I run the risk of blowing my ears to pieces when playing the track.
The volume is fine on playing track but very low when playing samples and instruments.
This is getting very frustrating as I have not had this before.

Windows 7 64bit.

It is probably something I am doing wrong but any ideas?

does this happen with every demosong and every song in general?

you may be having issues with automatic volume reduction:

is the icon on the top right corner enabled?

Yeah… even when I start with a new song, load a sample (or instrument) and play. They are all very quiet. They hardly register on the meters when pressing a key.

No :( This happens all the time both with loaded songs and starting from afresh with loaded samples and instruments.

Very puzzling and frustrating…

In the Pattern Editor Control Panel there’s a setting for the default Keyboard Velocity.

It’s the setting with the computer keyboard/keys icon just to the left of the VOL/PAN/DLY toggle buttons:

This will affect any notes you play live, and also any notes you record into the pattern. Have you perhaps accidentally set this to a very low value?

WE HAVE A WINNER! :drummer:

Thanks man.