[solved] Make An Entire Sample Play?

Hi, I’m using an Akai LPD8 as a MIDI controller.
When I hit a pad, the sample assigned to it plays only for as long as I hold the pad. I want to be able to tap a pad and have entire sample play. I’ve looked everywhere, can anyone help me out?


does this happen with any other music application? I don’t think this can be a Renoise’s fault. Probably you need to activate MIDI sustain on your LPD8 in order to obtain this behaviour.

assuming you have set up an instrument at number 01 for your LPD8, try putting this on a pattern then play it:

note ins pan comm  
--- 01 C0 407F  

this will switch MIDI CC#64 on, thus sending “set sustain on” to that instrument

(if your track has no panning column, as it is hidden by default, put the cursor on the track and press LCTRL+LSHIFT+P)

it is normal default LPD8 behavior, enable/draw a horizontal straight volume envelope in Renoise and tapping the pad will play the complete sample.

oh, he is using the controller to play samples, I see… you are right then, Jonas, sorry.

actually, i think this is normal Renoise behavior, not just LDP8. i only use the computer keyboard to play samples, and when i just tap, say, the Z-key it will not play out the entire sample but only for as long as i hold the key down. this is of course only true when playing samples ‘manually’. when i put in a C-4 in the Pattern Editor, it does sustain. but i think that is the behavior tbrock is talking about.

Yeah and the way around it in Renoise, IE get a sample to play to end from basic triggering and release, is to use the Instrument Envelopes, as mentioned by Jonas.

Pads give a Note Off on release (although you may be able to disable this is probably not recommended in case they were used for something other than drums.) Renoise does not have a Single Hit mode for samples, which will always plays through, so has to be done with an Envelope.

Yes that is what i was thinking aswell. I also just use the qwerty keyboard and i think the most annoying thing is when i play when song is stopped, then the sample just retriggers very fast if you hold the key.
It’s not a huge problem for me though, but if i had a midi keyboard i definately would want to play with it like a normal keyboard in Renoise.
Maybe it’s possible, idon’t know?

Doesn’t it only do that if Edit Mode is On and you’re recording into the Pattern? It has to do it then! How else could you set your Edit Step and quickly fill a pattern with notes?

Maybe i’m mixing up what does when, but i thought it did this when edit mode is off aswell, i haven’t got renoise here, so i can’t check right now.
You’re very much right about the edit mode though, but maybe if you haven’t checked the “follower” setting at 00 steps it wouldn’t be nessesary, but that is not a huge problem.

Yeah only does it with Edit Mode On and only if the Pattern is in view (due to pressing a key no matter where your current focus was it taking you into the Pattern Editor and recording notes.)

Still haven’t made it so you can disable Edit Mode outside of the Pattern Editor either. :( Don’t understand why Esc can not be Global!

And you’re right it does it also with Edit Step = 0, which I guess there is little need for…

Maybe it should be possible to have a “continue note” option like in the sample properties with some fade out parameters?

Using the instrument envelope worked. Thanks guys!