[solved] Mapping mod wheel to plugin parameter


in beta 4 there is an error if you map a controller to mod wheel, the slider doesn’t move correctly and the value is not recorded correcty (both in pattern and envelope)

Hi. Please give us a few more hint on what exactly you are doing. Not sure I understand what you mean.


1 load a vsti into plugin tab

2 load Instr. Automation in the effects tab

3 open MIDI MAP

4 click on a control that you want to map

5 move mod wheel of your synthesizer

6 now if you move mod wheel you will see that the controller will not move according to mod wheel (but the modulation slider on the left of renoise keyboard, yes!)

7 now if you record some movements of mod wheel you will see that recorded value go both in pattern and envelope

ps: my mod wheel is perfectly working and on renoise 3.0 works great!

ps: if you map the same parameter with another midi control all is ok!

Thanks for the details. I’ve followed your description but this seems to work just fine here.

Could you please upload a small example song which shows the problem, to make sure we’re really testing the same thing?

Can anyone else replicate the problem and probably give a few more infos?

I cannot replicate, too. Tested on OSX.

(but the modulation slider on the left of renoise keyboard, yes!

Doesn’t move here. What did I wrong? Did you load a vsti over a renoise instrument?

I can’t understand, now is all ok! sorry for lost your time!