[Solved] Memory Running Low

When I try and save a song, it takes a couple of minutes in a busy state and then I get a popup explaining that @memory is running low, please free up some memory etc."

I can confirm that free memory in Windows Task Manager is showing under 200MB (5380 Available)

Then I get a " Bad Allocation" error.

I have 8GB of memory on Win& x64 and renoise stays unresponsive at 13% CPU load.

The song is the almost same one as the full version I use in MED Sound Studio (without issue) however I’ve not loaded all the VST instruments or samples in yet, so the size is considerably smaller.

The song was originally converted to an .IT song using ModPlug player and loaded into Renoise ok (albeit without the VSTs and many of the samples were messed up). I then saved it out as a native Renoise file and can load it in fine with half the instruments.

If I load in the song and then try and save it with a different file name, the same thing happens, without any changes made - however the song does save but I have to terminate Renoise and reload it.

how much ram uses renoise with your loaded song?

With half the instruments loaded Renoise is using 982,876k however it’s been at 1,456,184k when saving.

I’m frequently getting this in the log file:

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : C0000005
CrashLog: 01736f17: xmlUCSIsCat +2527C7

Also, it states:

CPU: Found 1 enabled unit(s) with 8 core(s) / 16 logical processor(s) per unit. 4 cores are enabled in total

Although I wish I did have 16 logical cores, it’s an i7 920 with 4 phsyical and 8 logical cores - dunno if this is relevant or not.

One other thing that’s a constant, is it does not like the DiscoDSP Highlife VST plugin. It crashes on every use although the plugin works fine in MED.

hmm, that sounds like the “DiscoDSP Highlife” vst allocates a “bad” memory block.
in this case you only have the option to contact the programmer of this vst. maybe its not a 64 bit vst ?

I removed all instances of the VST as advised by the popup - the slots are empty where the Highlife vst was originally used whilst I look for a work around.

Good news though, I’ve now succesfully loaded loaded all VST instances (except Highlife) and samples and succesfully saved the song, which is currently at 1,317,932k and peaks between 1,500,000 and 1,600,000k when saving.
Free memory in Task manager is a little over 2GB and stable also.

The fault appears to be down to the conversion process and how Renoise loads in an Impulse Tracker or XM file. The WAV samples often appear to be a mono sample spread over the stereo track - the first half of the sample appears on the top track in the sample window and the rest of the sample is continued on the bottom track.
VST instruments are just data loaded as a wav - basically a whole load of static and these were the major causes of the crashes.

As you can load a VSTi and a sample into the same slot, I found that reloading the VSTi and then deleting the destroyed sample, things became much more stable when working in Renoise.

I’d like to see more file formats available for importing into renoise as this will certainly make Renoise more accesible to users with a significant back catalogue of tracks written using other music programs.

I have quite a bit of work to do with the current song I’ve managed to import in and will see if I have any more stability problems. My wallet is here on the desk ready register if all goes well :D

By the way - the support which I’ve received from the forums is outstanding and worth the fee itself!

be carefull, renoise is still a 32 bit programm, that means you can use a maximum amount of 2.3 gigabyte per programm of ram under win64. (even if you hear sometimes about 3gbyte, this isn’t true, i’ve tested it very intensive) .

nice to hear ;)