[Solved] Meta Instrument - Soundfile Player..

I would like to see a simple meta-instrument that could play back long sound files from disk. Users could browse for a soundfile for the track they want and it would play for as long as the pattern or song is playing, and return to the start each time play is stopped and started again. I just want to be able to play long soundfiles through my effects processers. I work with very long sound files and splitting them up into smaller tracks is really very time consuming.


There’s no direct from disk streaming yet, but in the meantime have you tried the Autoseek feature? You can find it in the sample properties.

When Autoseek is enabled, the sample will automatically sync its position to wherever you are in the song, meaning you don’t have to cut your sound into smaller pieces and then trigger them manually.

Game changer. Excellent. How had I not seen this before, this is going to save me a lot of time. Mark this as solved!

your particular workflow is one of the reason this feature has been built in actually, so it is supposed to save you a lot of time indeed :)

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