[solved] Meters are broken/glitching

Recently my meters, scopes, pattern matrix, have all been outputting glitchy visuals/readings.

^ Notice on the first volume meter the bottom of it seems to be clipped, the other two meters are bisected.

^ Master meter at top showing the same glitched behavior

^ The pattern sync bar in the pattern matrix desynchs with the pattern bar in the pattern(pattern is on line 15, but pattern matrix bar makes it look like its at line 5-6)

I should add in addition to glitchy readings they all seem to be skipping frames. From what I can hear all the audio seems to be playing back fine, just the meters are behaving erratically. Honestly I think it may be a hardware problem, as I haven’t recently changed/updated any software on my computer. Hope someone can help me!

I share your thoughts here. But usually, the first question (depending on what platform you are running Renoise) have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
Next would be with this weather (depending on where you live, but on the western part of this globe it is summer and reasonably hot these days):When was the last time you cleaned all your heatsinks from dust-carpets?

Fixed it by reinstalling drivers, phew! It’s probably a good idea to clean my heatsinks anyways. Thanks for the help.