[solved] Midi keyzone weirdness

I put off posting this all day because I couldn’t believe I wasn’t missing something obvious but it’s time to sleep now and I’d love to be able to work in the morning again so thanks in advance if anyone catches my solution.

Midi notes coming it from max, it’s clean on that end (the notes are what they should be)

I can see the notes in the Midi monitering window in the sampler. They are the right notes.

All notes offset by 48 in the the phrasing keyzone so my low notes (anything below C-4) are off the edge of the Midi world…

I have tried creating new instruments and phrases and a new track. Within the same track the problem persists, in a new track, it desists.

I can’t figure it. Where’d all da midis go?

Are you sure you’ve set up the MIDI to actually be received by the instrument?
Instrument Editor > MIDI Tab > Input Device

If you don’t do this, the MIDI is directed at whatever instrument is currently selected.

Yeah the midi panel is monitering notes


here’s a shot of me playing the 48 (c-4) key with the keyzone editor open



global note offset effects the midi notes coming in as well as the notes input from the keyboard.

I was set to 0 so that’s why 48 was coming in at that point.

Thanks for entertaining my confusion Dan.