[solved] Missing wav files after rendering in Renoise.

Today I wanted to export a renoise song to disk as wav files, one wav file for each track.

I then wanted to do the mixingand masteringin another DAW, mostly to reduce the CPU load of Renoise. (if only renoise could freeze tracks as good as cubase og studio one…)

After the rendering is finished most of the wav files are missing.

I can see that all wav files are created during the rendering, but most of them are automatically deleted again, even though all tracks contain sound.

I have tried different render settings, 16bit,24bit,32bit.

I use Renoise 3.0.1 64bit Windows 8.1.

Best regards


Renoise removes all wav files which are completely silent after rendering.

Are you sure that they are not silent? Maybe you are using send devices or groups in those tracks, so the signals will actually be part of the rendered out !send or group! tracks?

Oops. You are right!

In this specific song I routed most of the tracks to a send track, in order to group the faders, and therefore I muted all the source tracks.

Thanks for the help.