[solved] Mystery Crashing Problem - Need Big Help!


My track, which is about 98% finished cannot play or render anymore as when doing so, Renoise crashes - that is - the window just DISAPPEARS. No errors/messages or anything. Sound cuts out and the Renoise window has simply vanished. I have tried this on v1.9.1 (version the track was made in) and the latest v2 beta.

This is down to a vst I assume, but how do I find which one?! I have 40 audio tracks with multiple VSTs on each (and they’re being switched on/off all over the place) and over 170 instruments (at least 40 are VSTis) so this is nightmareish !! The crash happens on some patterns specifically but it can also seem to happen randomly. I’ve tried checking the logs and stuff but it’s no use.

What do i do? This track has taken me months and I really need to submit it somewhere soon!

is there a super-verbose debug mode that I can put renoise into that might help?

maybe systematically delete vsts and see if it still crashes.

that’s what I just did … took a while but I got lucky. Found the culprit pretty quickly, considering.

just uninstalled/reinstalled that VSTi and it all worked fine.

“Help => Show the log file” could have shown what was causing the crash