[Solved] Normalise ? Please Help - Urgent !!

hello all,

in doing a gig tonight with a sort of randomised looper device, (puredata “a gig in tokyo” patch), ive rendered myself a bunch of samples from lots of my renoise songs, problem is some of them are a lot louder than others,

so yeah im looking for a way to normalise about 50 samples in one go, (put them all to the same volume)

i could do it “by hand” but that would be slow and boring

does anyone know of a little program that could fix this for me ? or a renoise technique ?

please help me, im starting to play at 8oclock !!

gig is at kombuse, graz, Austria )

Audacity has the concept of “chains” (look into the “File” menu), which can be applied to many files at once

thanks !! i will look into that,

actually i allready found a little windows program that does batch normalising, (called sound normaliser, 30days trial shit), im not 100 percent happy with the result, but its better than it was for sure.

panic over :)

its funny i didnt even think of asking google before posting here, turns out there are plenty of little programs to do this, for win and linux :rolleyes:


Wavosaur is free and does batch processing, although a little clunky (or was when I last tried it.) Still seemed like the best, free wave editor for the PC, biggest hangup being that it can’t handle long times (over about an hour) guess maybe related to disk streaming.