Solved -- Opera (Some Sights Malfunction)

Thanks for helping me solve this, so I can use the Opera browser, which i like a lot. Its fast, sleek interface handles bookmarks well; its a lot more comfortable for me than google chrome, which I feel is, “watching me.”

Whenever I use Google Chrome I feel like, “somebody is watching me.” Whenever I use Internet Explorer 9 I feel like, “I am waiting forever.” Safari plain sucks on Windows, and Opera is the buggiest browser of them all… but its fast, has a great design, looks after bookmarks well…


What the fuck to do? Firefox is drama… Drama, drama, drama

Yeah, I always think the next update of firefox will play nice with flash and stop hanging on me, but it never seems to. I just stick to it because I like the addons and I`m so used to it now!

if you like chrome but want more privacy try iron. it even supports chrome extensions. I used opera for a while as a secondary browser but now use maxthon 3 instead. it’s mad fast.

You are not obliged to log onto google and upload your settings into the cloud.
You can use Chrome without logging on.

Call me paranoid, but I just do not trust it… I feel like, “without logging in,” its still tracking me, so they can build a better advertising product.

I started using google, when it first appeared, long before it became a publicly traded company. Nowadays, I avoid google, at all cost! I cringe, when I have absolutely no choice, but to use google for some reason…

In the meantime, this Maxthon thing isn’t bad… :lol:

explain please.

have used opera many years, and so far its the best optiion out there.

The only bug i know about is the animated gif bug.

Yahoo, Facebook, twitter, soundclod, Fxpansion, hotmail, ymail, and gmail are not workIng properly in opera on my desktop… Opera mini on iPhone is giving too many problems to list…

I installed maxthon and all websites are working now… So??? I quite like opera too. As I said, “shame.”

Cant get , whats wrong with it.

im using opera on almost the same websites, and everything is running perfect here.

You might delete/rename your opera-configfolder. Opera will create a new config then. This should fix alot of (your) problems.

Same with the mobile thing.

Im using the mobile version - not mini - and everything is smooth as expected.

I’ll give that a shot… do you know what the path is?


It will depend on your operating system!

Windows 7 home Premium, X64… – I looked in, “Program Files (x86),” where Opera’s main folder installed itself… Couldn’t find a config folder, in the sub directories… I also looked in, “Users, AppData, Roaming.”

So… I’m lost… Can’t find a config folder… :slight_smile:

I believe Program Files can only be edited by Administrator on Win7 and thus no program can store preferences/configs which may be changed by the user in there! WinXP and earlier didn’t either! So why would M$ make such a backwards move?

Should have assumed you were on a Windows variant…

Type this into the Explorer address bar: %appdata%

Within there hopefully you’ll find a Opera or similar folder (who makes Opera?)

Opera software?

Well there should be no ambiguity in what the folder should be called then :)

I know that… :walkman: I was looking for specifically this


Which, I still can not find. :lol:

– I have now, “uninstalled maxthon,” cause it was creating some odd graphics behavior… So I am back to using Opera… Which produces this yahoo… and this Fxpansion

Gmail, facebook, hotmail, etc, I can not really show to the whole internet…

This is the Path of Opera on my systems… C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera

That is no problem… but I can not find, “a config folder,” and I have checked all the subdirectories…

Cheers B) :D

So following my instruction to type %appdata% into the Explorer address bar didn’t take you to the Application Data folder, containing one called Opera?

usually on w7 ist under: document and settings / <your_user_name> / appdata / roaming / opera

I guess you have to make sure you disabled something like “hide system files and directorys” in the options of the windows explorer.

It totally did… and I checked all the sub folders, and could not find the, “config folder.”

It made no difference, I see the exact same folder as the image above…


Afraid I don’t use Opera and it wasn’t me who suggested it. I know the similar process in Firefox would be to go to that folder and then rename/remove the Profiles folder IIRC. But again I’ve only done so on WinXP so unsure of the changes in Win7…

You could possibly try renaming the whole Opera folder (make sure you keep it safe!) and then see if Opera will start without it being present at all. The entire folder is Application Data, IE related to the configuration of the application.

It might perhaps has occured to you that the config might be somewhere in an ini or xml file rather than in a complete separate folder.

And sometimes browser developer use an existing engine and the config might perhaps be hidden in a folder called “Mozilla” rather than Opera :P