[solved] OSX 10.10: Missing (big) icons for song files


Just got Renoise for Mac OS 10.10.5, and when I save a song file it doesn’t have the Renoise icon, but instead a generic blank white paper icon.

Steps to reproduce look like this:

  1. Open a song file

  2. Save song

  3. Check the icon and see it’s a blank generic icon

Expected results:

I expect to see the Renoise icon with musical note indicating it’s a Renoise song file.

Actual results:

I get a blank generic icon.


If I shrink the icon size in the viewing options it will change to the proper icon, but I have to shrink it pretty small to do so.

Also, when I right click the file and choose “Get Info” then copy and paste the icon into the “Preview” picture viewing app for Mac it will show all the proper range of different sized icons, so for whatever reason it’s just not showing up like it should. I can also copy and paste the icon from “Preview” back into the “Get Info” view and it will show the proper icon, but when I save the song again it will revert to the generic blank icon.

Not a huge deal obviously, but would like to get it sorted out if possible.


A few more things:

-If I make the icons really big the icon will show up. The range is 32-128 where it doesn’t show up.

-The icons for the demo and tutorial songs can be seen, in their default folder files, but when I try to save them in another folder I get the same problem.

-This is a Renoise problem and not a Mac OS problem. I thought it might be a Mac OS problem because I recently updated, but other program files show the correct icon.

Again, not a huge deal, but I would like to see the correct icon to be able to distinguish the file, when adding files to the Dock and elsewhere.

Is there some system file within OSX that I can delete to try to fix this, like a cache or something?

Or is this a known bug?

Icon for song files now showing up normally.

I did a reinstall of my OS, not because of this but because of problems with my display, and actually checked initially to see if it fixed this issue but it didn’t. After a few days, and reinstalling other software besides Renoise, I go back to the folder to see the correct icon for my Renoise song file.


Your guess is as good as mine.

Was on the phone earlier today with Apple Support trying deal with the problem with my display, and they had me boot up in safe mode.

Starting your Mac in safe mode does the following:

  • Verifies your startup disk, and attempts to repair directory issues if needed
  • Loads only required kernel extensions
  • Prevents Startup Items and Login Items from opening automatically
  • Disables user-installed fonts
  • Deletes font caches, Kernel cache and other system cache files

Source: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262

That last one, where it deletes caches, maybe that fixed it.

Sorry for the lack of replies so far. Good to hear that you’ve managed to get things working normally again. Probably was just a corrupt cache somewhere, if I had to guess, but we’ll try to double check things on our side anyway, to see if anything needs to be updated for the latest Yosemite builds.

Sorry for the lack of replies so far…

No problem. I had a hunch it was a problem unique to my system.