[solved] OSX: Launch AppleScript or Bash or .App from Renoise via LUA?

Hi ,is there some way I could start up a bash script, an applescript or an .app directly from Renoise via LUA?

os.execute() perhaps?

Wow, I got it to do something!! (Open up a folder) Thanks heaps!!
Really tried to look in Renoise documentation and couldn’t find anything…

Okay, I can confirm that it’s possible for me to do at least these kinds of commands:

local lsfvariable=nil  
os.execute("sox " .. lsfvariable .. " -b 16 " .. path .. "LSF_" .. s.selected_instrument_index .. "_opab.wav")  
os.execute("cd /Users/esaruoho/Music/samples/LogicSmartFolder;open .;")  

this allows for renoise to save a 32bit wavefile to a specific folder, and then it gets converted to 16bit mode by SoX… I’m yet to figure out how to do it so that the songname is put to use naming the file, but it’ll do.
The rest is to load and show the folder it’s been rendered to.
I’m trying to get a smart folder going so once it’s been written there, an automator/applescript script gets called to do something more with the files…