[solved] Panning acting strange

the panning has been broken for me and i dont know why; for some reason panning things to the right makes them louder, panning them to the left makes them quieter and so on. also all panning doesnt work, so i suspect that renoise made my track mono and is only pulling audio from the right channel but i have no idea why.

in the attached .xnrs is my song, if you go to the mixer try fiddling with the panning and youll see the problem yourself: the stereo is completely broken! would anyone know why this happened?

(thanks for any and all help)

edit: added .xnrs file oops

edit2: the files too big so heres a link:https://www.dropbox.com/s/c8yk1xxy4glcd68/sg%20goneforgood.xrns?dl=0

im starting so suspect that this is an issue with my renoise settings; i tried going through other files and the same thing happens.

oh my god!!! i am such an idiot!!!

my headphone cord was slightly unplugged so my left channel was completely cut, sorry for the waste of server space!!!

(thats really embarrasing lmao but at the same time its good that nothing was actually wrong)

Haha, i know the feeling. :stuck_out_tongue: