[Solved] Playing audio samples in the middle of a song

I have long audio samples in my tracks (vocals, guitars). To hear a sample in a song, I need to hit play at the sample note position (or before). That’s generally how trackers work I think.

But is there any trick that would start playing an audio sample from the middle (when playing the whole song)?

I just rewired Reaper that now plays my guitar tracks of a Renoise song. I can hit play in the last beat of my verse and it plays the guitar sample that started 20 seconds ago. That generally works ok, but does not always follow correctly. I was just wondering if there is any native way to do this (a tool or trick perhaps)?

auto-seek is your friend. as is the Sxx command.

I do hope they improve a little on Auto-Seek though, if possible at all. It works, but not with transposed samples. No I’m sorry it really works in almost any case you could wish for, only thing is I think pitch envelope doesn’t go well with autoseek.
video explanation from 2010

In 2.8.0, autoseek is disabled when you turn on the pitch envelope.
When i test with transposing, autoseek does work, Renoise relates the position to the pitch the sample is being played at. I even tried with slide commands, it still seems to work correctly.
I don’t remember what was really bitching for the devs to make it work with the pitch envelopes.

But i guess it is a problem getting it to work with all factors making it way too dynamic:
You could combine slide effects, transpose settings and pitch envelopes in different settings.

Should we be able to expect to have it all work perfect?

Auto-seek! Why didn’t I click that button before! Seems to work fine for me, respects delayed note by Qxx command.

I won’t be needing Reaper after all. Thanks a lot!