[Solved] Plugin Aliases Dissapeared

I’m using Renoise, and I need a bit of help. It is really hard to create VST aliases. No button to press in the instrument menu to create one. No VST alias folder present at all. And most important of all: The manual is utterly hard to understand regarding this issue. FL Studio is hard to get a grasp around, but Renoise seams to be a lot harder. So how do I create an alias?

As soon as you have a VST instrument in the instrument-list, an alias of it shall appear on top of the plugin popup list in the instrument plugin properties.
So you first select a VST instrument to work with. Then you select a new instrument slot and in there you select the alias from the popup.

The same goes for effects that require midi notes, you first select a VST effect to drop underneath any track, then a VST Fx alias appears in the VST instrument popup list.

The manual does explain this (but as you indicated, not really clear indeed, so fixed that):

Well it doesn’t. :)

To force a creation of an alias this might be the cure:


Forget about it. I was looking at the wrong place. :)