[Solved] Plugin Bugs (Tc Powercore & Gliss Eq)

Hi there!

Finally I’ve got my new Renoise 2.8 (yahoo!), but I’ve found at least two bugs at once (((

First one - my TC PowerCore plugins go disabled after 3-10 mins of working ((( This never happened before on previous Renoise versions…

Also there is a small bug with Voxengo Gliss EQ, but I’m afraid I’m unable to describe the problem precisely ))) In two words, two instances of Gliss EQ don’t see each other export layer on different channels so I can’t import 2nd spectrum to 1st instance.

Are you running Renoise 2.8 64-bit?

If you’re using 32-bit plugins inside 64-bit Renoise, then the plugins must be bridged, aka ‘sandboxed’.

See the option: Preferences > Plug/Misc > Run all plugins in sandboxes

When certain plugins are sandboxed they can behave strangely. For example, if you have a plugin which relies on being able to ‘see’ other instances of itself loaded in your song in order to interact with them somehow, this will not work when they are sandboxed, because a sandboxed plugin is running its own completely separate process, ie. living by itself in its own totally separate world where it cannot see anything else.

So if you’re using Renoise 64-bit, try the 32-bit version instead and make sure sandboxing is disabled, and then see if your plugins behave normally again.

I’m working in Win7 x32 bit, with “Run all plugins in sandboxes” switched on.

Then try switching this off and see if it helps.

There’s no strict need to have this enabled when you’re running 32-bit plugins on a 32-bit system.

Thanx a lot! It helps :) Second problem is solved ))

Examing PowerCore synths…
Is this option (sandbox) affects on VST Instruments?

Yep. All plugins. Instruments and effects.