[Solved] Plugin scanning problems


It’s been a while since the last time I’ve used Renoise, but when I opened it last night then I had a couple of issues. First is that when loading up, it gets to “searching for new VST plugins…” and it will just stay there until I right-click on the icon on the taskbar and go to “close window”. After doing that then it finishes loading and then everything works as it should except for the drop-down menus on everything produce only and outline and nothing that would be there can be clicked on. Keyboard shortcuts still work. If I haven’t saved my file when I exit then where I’d usually get a “save file” prompt then there is nothing that I can even click on and I am forced to shut down Renoise manually.

Any ideas?

What OS are you on? Renoise saves a “cached vsts” file somewhere, deleting it might help your cause.

I’m using it on Windows 7, tried it with both 64 and 32 bit versions of Renoise.


Reinstalled, thought to have it so that it wouldn’t scan for new plugins on startup. On the first use then everything worked fine. After starting it again, it didn’t hang on the “checking for new VSTs” message, but it still had the blank menus.

Did you installed as admin and started Renoise as admin? (When it scans plugins for the first time, loads of plugins need admin priviledge as well to do stuff in Windows.)
If it still keeps doing strange things, i would suggest to perform a scandisk and see how your hard drive is doing.On top of it, a virus/malware scan.

That did the trick. I ran Renoise as an admin and the menus had text like they are supposed to. Thanks.

Sorry, can’t help myself. If you’re having couple problems, you two need to see a therapist :D