[solved] Preview sample through track DSP?

I really like the “process track DSP” feature in the sample editor – select a portion of the sample, process the track, cool. The only thing is, I don’t know what it’s going to sound like before I do it! I feel like I’m missing something obvious but am not sure. Is there a way to preview a sample through a track’s DSP before processing it? Otherwise it seems like I’d just need to actually play the sample on the track, render it down, chop out the bit I need…which is fine, just wondering if I can work within the sample editor and hear how the processing will affect the sample. Thanks!

Did you try “Prehear on Selected Track”? It’s under the small down arrow button (2nd from the right, next to the REC button of the sample editor. (Not really sure if this is what you need though)

That’s exactly what I need. Thank you!!