[Solved] Problem With Renoise 2.5 Files (32Bit) In Live

Problem Solved

So I’ve been having a weird problem with Renoise 2.5 rendered wavs in Ableton Live. Here’s the lowdown;

-It’s between Renoise 2.5 beta and Live 8.1

-Only Renoise 2.5 rendered wavs are affected. 2.1 and earlier open fine.

-When in both the preview window, and when loaded as a clip the renders are super distorted and clip amazingly.

-The actual waveform is distorted, and is stuck in the negative phase with some random parts clipping on the positive phase, but this is only in Live. The waveforms are perfectly normal in other programs.

-The Renoise projects aren’t clipping originally. The project I used as my test never went above 0, and peaked at about -2.

-No matter how much I change the clip volume or channel volume in Live, the audio is the same. I even lowered the clip volume down to -inf and it made absolutely no difference.

-The renders run fine in other programs such as VLC Media Player and Audacity.

-When I convert them to MP3, they’re fine, and play without problems in Ableton.

-When I open them in Audacity, and export a wav from Audacity (unedited by the way) it’s also fine and has no clipping or distorting issues

-Pretty sure this isn’t a sound card problem because I’ve been using the same internal card for over 2 years and have had no problems.

-I’m using Renoise 2.5 Beta 6.

-My projects render at 48k samplerate, 32 bit depth.

-Live is set to open audio at 48k samplerate.

-The output device in Live is Speakers (Connexant HD Audio) DX, which is not available as a DX version in Renoise.

-The output in Renoise is Speakers (Connexant HD Audio)

-When I switch the output device in live to the non-DX version of that device, the audio randomly cuts out, no matter what audio is playing.

I’m running Windows Vista 32 bit Service Pack 1.

I have a stock Connexant HD Audio sound card.

I have a single core Intel processor, with 1.86ghz.

1gb ram.

HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop

I’ve also attached some pictures for you to see what I mean.

Renoise’s Preferences: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/renoisepreferences.jpg

Live’s Preferences: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/livepreferences.jpg

Preview window in Live: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/captainsuitpreviewwindow.jpg

Larger view of waveform in Live: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/abletondistscreenshot.jpg

View of render while playing in live. Notice the clip volume: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/abletondistscreenshot2.jpg

Master peak meters in Renoise: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/Renoisepeak.jpg

Renoise render opened in Audacity: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u71/soul_brutha_jake/audacityrender.jpg

If there’s any other information I’m missing, please tell me what to add, as I will gladly add it.

Probably Live has problems with Renoises 32bit files in general, and you’ve used 24 or 16 bit files before in 2.1?

Well, I actually uninstalled 2.1. I guess I’ll re install it and try 24 and 16 bits. I do think I used to have it set to 24 bit, back when I was using 2.1 though. Going to reinstall…

EDIT: Never mind!
Found some old 2.1 renders in 16 bit. No problems whatsoever in Live.

Going to try rendering some 2.5 files in 16 and 24 bit and see if it helps.

EDIT 2: Problem solved! Both 16 and 24 bits work in Live, but not 32. Thanks. That was quite ignorant of me.

Glad its solved then. Would be great if you could send ableton a small example 32 bit file, so they can have a look at this.