[solved] Render to sample latency w/ hardware synth

This was working well in previous versions. When using an external synth, using a midi out port to play the synth and line input device to monitor it, when choosing to “render to sample” the render happens very late causing a large amount of a blank file at the beginning and cutting off the remaining portion of the notes/audio.

Mac OSX 10.11.2

Renoise 3.1b6

Hello. Done a few tests here, but could not replicate this so far (OSX and Windows).

Is the #Line-Input set to “MIDI Return Mode” and MIDI instrument to “LineIn Ret”?
Are there any other DSPs which may produce/add additional latency? Should be compensated as well, but maybe that’s what’s causing it.

Could you give us a few more infos about the setup you’ve tested this with, like which audio driver settings you’ve used, samplerate, latency and so on?

I’ve tried on both a Fireface 800 which caused the largest delay and now on my Apollo io which results in the first two notes being unnaturally rendered. There is a mistake of a 16th note of empty space at the start and then the two next notes play too close together. There should be a note on the 1st step.

I have the port out configured to “linein ret” and the line input plug in set to “midi return mode.”

When playing back live all sounds great and in time, however the render messes up at the start.

I would say it comes out like this. If the original phrase is 8th notes and pause represented by an underscore the original phrase playing is timed like x_x_x_x_x_x_x_x where the rendered ends up like __xx_x_x_x_x_x_x

Removing every plug in possible (only one making things slightly worse was my innerclock systems plug in) results in a much better render, however there is still a bit of a hiccup with the first note not being rendered on time. If played back against the live midi it is out of time.

So it’s just the first note which is being delayed and not a constant latency. Will do a few more tests here.
Is the device that you’re rendering MIDI clock synced too?

Yes, just the first note is delayed.

The device is not receiving midi clock.

Tried this again here, but can’t replicate this - neither on OSX nor on Windows.

If you are doing this in an otherwise empty song, does it then work as expected?
If you can replicate this in a specific song only, could you share the song with us?

I just tried this too cause I was curious, but didn’t run into any problems.

I setup a track, that used a instrument midi out to my Minitaur and a return audio in route.

I created a 16 line pattern with a note on the first and 10th line, highlighted the area and selected render.

The rendered sample doesn’t have any extra “space” in the beginning.

I’m using Win 10 x64, Komplete Audio 6 at 96khz ASIO, 3.1b6.

Ok I’ve tried with “no template” and even though I removed every plug in from my template to test, using the “no template” worked fine, but removing all plug ins from my template still caused problems. Even after adding some plug ins, it is still working with the “no template”. I’ll have to make a fresh template. I don’t know what could be the culprit but there’s got to be something weird with this aging template.

Will have to wait till the weekend to test on the Fireface system, as that was set up with a fresh “no template” new song.

I will email the bad template over to you as I don’t know what could be causing it.

RC1 fixes it for me. Not sure why but I can’t break it now no matter what extra plug ins are on etc. Thanks!