[solved] Renoise 2.1 Not Recognizing Oxygen8 V2

I’ve done some searching through the forums for answers but have come across none, I apologize if an answer already exists in the forums and I failed to find it.

I was previously using my Oxygen8 V2 as a midi controller in Renoise1.8 with no problems.
I’ve since then uninstalled Renoise1.8 and installed Renoise 2.1, and I am no longer able to select the Oxygen8 V2 MIDI Master Keyboard/MIDI Mapping Device under Edit/Preferences/MIDI.

I’ve tried uninstalling the M-Audio Drivers and installing the latest ones, but still Renoise 2.1 will not recognize My Oxygen8 V2. I’ve even gone back and uninstalled Renoise 2.1 and reinstalled Renoise 1.8. Still no love.

Anyone have any suggestions, hints, or tips?



Looks like I posted a question too soon. I went over my setup again and noticed that the USB cable I was using was black, and not the original white that came with the Oxygen8. I swapped out the cables and it working fine now. This was odd as I understand that USB is a common standard where pin outs are identical…but swapping my USB printer cable for the original cable seems to have done the trick.

Some cables may not work with USB 2.0 standards, if the connector pins are worn out this also may result in device not being accepted.