[Solved] Renoise Crash/Won'T Remember Vsts

Hi guys/gals

I’m running the latest demo version of Renoise.

I go to edit/preferences, then go to plug/misc and then assign my VST directory on my hard drive.

I load a song, play it, and it plays fine, and all the VSTs effects work as well.

As soon as I hit a key on the keyboard (usually the down arrow key) then Renoise will crash.

When I re-load Renoise, it re-sets itself and the VST directory is gone and I need to re-assign it again.

This happens every time I try it.

Is this a known bug or is this the first anyone has heard of this problem?


Does only setting up the VST path, then restarting Renoise without doing anything else help? Maybe one of the loaded VSTs causes this.

If not, could you please post the RenoiseLog.txt file? It can be found at Renoise -> “Help” -> “Show Log File…”

hi taktik

I tried what you said and everything seems to be okay now.

The VST path is okay every time I start Renoise and it isn’t crashing.

Maybe you have to set the VST path, then exit Renoise, then re-start Renoise.

Maybe then everything works fine.

I will keep you updated on this.

Yes that is the correct method:
If Renoise crashes during a VST plugin-scan while preferences weren’t saved yet, ofcourse it will restart with the last saved values.

It wasn’t crashing during the VST scan. The scan was successful.

Then I’d load a song. Then I’d try to edit the notes in the pattern window using the keyboard and then it would crash. 100% of the time.

So I load renoise, do the vst scan, exit renoise, re-load renoise, and all seems fine.