[Solved] Renoise Crashes (Plugin Issues)

Hi ppl

As you know I have installed Vista x64 and 8GB ram [plenty memory to run samples and vst stuff] and I am thinking to move to Win7 because I am not very happy with Vista.

It is fast but not very stabile system. Keeps crashing from time to time… randomly. Anyway:

I noticed that when I load few Hypersonic instruments and then open Kontakt player and import some good sound banks there, play around, record some notes… and want to SAVE the song - it keeps crashing!

Actually - the moment I hit “SAVE” song button in Renoise, it starts saving song [either - new name or overwriting old one], after few seconds “Renoise crashed” window appears [“Renoise Unsuspectly Quit” or something like that sentence with “Windows is trying to find solution”…]

Those song versions are lost forever [I was lucky enough to make copy of the song on each save…] so not much is lost… But imagine that I have to play some more stuff with those 2 VST instruments and try to save - no way I can do it.

After few reboots, closing all apps I have etc… and load last working song [where saving does not work anymore] - I can play with song, record notes etc… BUT I will never be able to save the song.

I am scared to use those two [the most usable] VST instruments here :( as it can crash without warning.

Do you have any idea how to avoid crashing Renoise beacuse of VST instruments?

I hardly managed Kontakt player and Hypersonic instrument to work at all on Vista x64.

Will those problems dissapear when reinstall Vista to Windows7 x64???

might be a good idea to take a look at the Renoise log. in Win7 you can find it in C:\Users\rhowaldt\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.7.0
i think it is the same with Vista but not 100% sure. looking at the log might give you a better idea of why exactly Renoise crashed.

Please take a look at the attached log file:


There are all crashes recorded, I suppose… Also in this directory I have

CachedFailedVSTs_x86.db and

Can it help too?

Here is list of loaded apps [that runs in background when Vista starts], like:

  • DropBox [for sharing files]
  • TeamViewer [for remote control my PC from anywhere]
  • AirVideoServer [for remote video playing from my PC to iPad or iPhone]
  • avast antivirus
  • Yahoo widgets - weather
  • MagicISO virtual drive manager &
  • Virtual Clone Drive [both programs has to be started because some of them supports .NRG CDs while the other supports all other CD files]
  • Creative Camera [for video chat] &
  • Realtek Audio Manager [audio card mixer] &
  • NVidia control panel [video card preferences tool, as I often connect PC to TV]

… well, it is impossible to work :( It crashes sometimes when I open saved song, sometimes when I play anything [it crashes heavy[!] during saving song]… and I am stuck!

I got this window text:

[b]NVidia User Experience Driver Component
stopped working and was closed

A problem caused the application to stop working correctly.
Windows will notify you if a solution is available.[/b] [close button]

I have no idea what to do… I will have to open old ugly sounding flute :( as Kontakt does not work at all…

Those days I will erase Vista and install Win7… And pray if it will work…

thanks for the log file. i suggest you go through it yourself as well. i see that you have some VSTs failing to load.
also, i found this:

that looks pretty bad. if you haven’t already, i suggest you follow this advice.

also, google that Nvidia error you got. you might need to update a driver. seeing as you’ll install Win7, you’ll be updating your drivers anyway (probably automatically). so wait and see how that works out for you. even if you it does not help you’ll at least be running a better version of Windows :)

If you search through the log for the keyword crash then you can see that several plugins are crashing in a serious way that should not be ignored:

  • Edioral - Orchestral
  • MusicLab - RealGuitar
  • Steinberg - Hypersonic
  • WaveShell 5
  • IK Multimedia - Philharmonik
  • EastWest/Quantum Leap - Symphonic Orchestra Gold
  • Applied Acoustics Systems - Tassman 4

You should even see a warning dialog in Renoise which says something like:

I also noticed that several of the plugins seem to be crashing in their GUIs somehow. Since you’ve just mentioned something related to your nVidia gfx card, have you tried to disable hardware acceleration in your display properties? Have you played around with the alternate graphics options in Renoise itself?

Are you running any kind of Windows shell replacement stuff like LiteStep or WindowBlinds?


I would definitely recommend that you check for updated versions of all these plugins. I would also strongly recommend that you contact these companies directly to get support for your purchased products. You can simply ask if any other customers have experienced problems while running these plugins in Renoise, and if they have any tips for how to fix it.

Thank you for your tips, guys. Nope. I have Vista sp2 without any patches to make system look better. It looks ok with Vista Aero-like stuff enabled [dropshadows and transparent windows].

Seems like I found what causing crashing all the time - it is Kontakt player. Kontakt seems not to work anyway - it can LOAD one instrument, but with combination with Hypersonic - Renoise keeps crashing while I attempt to SAVE a song [!].

[Anybody managed to get Kontakt player to work without problems here?]

Hypersonic is discontinued product, and I am forced to install heavy-found c**cked version :( just to force it work on Vista…

I will reinstall Vista x64 and move to Win7 x64 in a day or two… I have no choice and try again to reinstall all purchased VST instruments [and I have many of them].

Anyway - the only one flute that works more or less - ok… and has ok sound - is flute from Miroslav Philharmonik vst. At least program does not crash… :S

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glad to see your problems with Renoise crashing are over. and you got to learn a bit about debugging as well. could you mark this thread ‘solved’ (edit first post, launch full editor, change title to ‘[Solved] Renoise Crashes’)?