[Solved] Renoise Thinks A Wav Is An Mp3

Been going through some old samples (using Renoise to check them) I’ve never sorted and a certain pack, just done one folder no problem but then another I get a message saying I need Quicktime, as if it was an MP3, whereas it is a 48kHz .wav file exactly the same format as the other folder than just previewed fine.

Here is a link to one of the samples in question.

Admittedly I usually have QuickTimeAlternative installed but haven’t got around to it with the latest install on this computer but that still doesn’t explain why it wont just open/play these files.

maybe it is because of the alternative, because everything works normal here. Recognized and opened as a sample.

loads up fine for me here.
using Mac OS X though which has quicktime built in.

I had no QT at all installed, if you do you wont notice as it will just load as normal. I have just installed QT Lite so it now loads fine but the point is I shouldn’t of had to have QT installed to load the file as it is not an MP3.

I think part of the sample header might be malformed, or there is possibly some weird metadata in there somewhere. I had no problems loading the sample into Renoise (with Quicktime installed) or playing it in Foobar2000, but Media Player Classic spat out an error and apparently didn’t like the format for some reason. After loading the sample into Wavosaur and simply exporting it again as uncompressed .WAV, the file then loaded normally into MPC.

I would simply use Wavosaur’s batch processing to run through that particular folder of samples using the “convert to wav” option, and this should quickly clean up any other files with anomalies.

Deleted the folder as I didn’t like the samples anyway. Going through my samples, some of which are mp3, has got me to reinstall QT anyway so any more I will not notice. You are probably right it is probably just a header data error rather than anything else. Weird another one of the folders had half as readable, half it thought were mp3…

Guess there’s nothing Renoise can, or even should, do about it when it’s most likely down to the files being saved with incorrect header information. Just thought it a little bit strange that it couldn’t open what was clearly a Wav so I reported it…

Herein lies the problem: .WAV is similar to .AVI in that it’s really just a container for a variety of different audio formats. Uncompressed PCM is the most typically used format, but it’s equally valid to have a .WAV that actually contains MP3-encoded audio, for example.

This is why the header is critically important. One incorrect piece of data here can easily result in a b0rked file that certain applications just won’t be able to understand. Obviously some apps are a bit more forgiving and might take some educated guesses at what the data actually is, or they may try to fix incorrect headers during the loading process, etc.

I took a closer look at your file using GSpot (excellent video and audio format analysis tool with an unfortunate name), and I immediately spotted the problem.

The file itself is 48kHz stereo which should give a bitrate of 1536 kb/s, but for some reason the header info seems to indicate that the file is only 1411 kb/s (which would be correct for 44.1kHz stereo), so this mismatch seems to be the root of the problem.

Yeah I should of noticed that when I looked at Properties in Windows but didn’t think beyond it proving it wasn’t a compressed rate after loading in Soundforge and seeing it was 48kHz (usually I know 1411 is 44.1kHz 16bit but couldn’t tell you any other standard rates.) Still weird QT should solve this issue if that is all that wrong but guess it does better job of opening files, ignoring the headers…

Anyway neither a Bug not really anything I think should be changed in Renoise so this thread can safely be ignored now. Incorrect header and it clearly isn’t Renoise’s job to attempt to guess.