[Solved] Rewire Ableton To Renoise Osx

I´ve tried getting Renoise to Rewire to ableton Live as a slave, but it doesn´t seem to work. It´s been a while, but as i remember, all i need to do is open Ableton, and then Renoise, and then the Rewire dialog should open, but nothing happens. Any tips?

Well, need a little more info here:
bitversion? 32/64? and if 64 bit are both applications 64 bit?
Perhaps Ableton only enables ReWire if a certain device is activated on a track (from which you have to open Renoise)?

You might have a point here. I´m running 64bit Renoise, but ableton is only 32bit. I´ll try downloading the 32bit version of renoise and see if that remedies the situation.

Sure enough. Works fine with 32bit to 32bit. It´s probably obvious to most why 32 to 64bit won´t work, but I´m happy just getting it to work :) Thx for the help!

That is also the answer. 64-32bit combinations don’t work with ReWire.
Both have to support the same bit-processing.