[solved] rewire problems with Live :( pls help

damn :(/>
i installed Ableton Live 9.x and after that - my renoise doesnt start proper.
it works ok but i get this rewire error everytime i start Renoise.
any tip to disable rewire in renoise or to fix this error !?
Thanks !!!

Looks like Ableton installed a different ReWire library?
Have you tried uninstalling Renoise and then reinstalling?

I have both 64bit Live 9 and Renoise, but do not encounter this.

I do know that the Ableton 9 ReWire dll is faulty. Currently unable to start Live 9 as a slave in any host. Ableton devs are say they are working on a fix for that.

But I can run anything else, including Renoise as a slave in Live.


A silly question maybe, but have you restarted the computer since installing live 9?

Perhaps some process from Ableton is still running and it is causing Renoise to get confused and launch in rewire mode?

If that’s not the problem, then I guess like vV said, to reinstall Renoise. Though I’m not sure how Ableton Live could have interfered with Renoise like that at all. It’s very peculiar!

i tried em all.
and ive found on Live forum just now
that there is a problem with Live 9 ! :(/>/>
it has problems with Rewire driver.
i uninstall it and -
problem solved.
Ableton are so shallow :(/>/> incredible ! :(/>/>

i still want a checkbox for rewire on/off in next Renoise build
if its possible …
Disabling the rewire from Settings would be quite useful !

I think this is really the problem where Renoise detects a ReWire master that is messing up the ReWire bus.
The point is that the Audio preference layout (and your options) change when Renoise starts up in ReWire slave mode.
Usually you start up Renoise in slave mode when calling it from within the other application. But some ReWire hosts don’t allow you this, don’t have the option or something else may fail, in that case Renoise offers you to start in ReWire slave mode so that you still can slave Renoise to the ReWire host.
It must be done that way because Renoise needs to know beforehand if it can acquire your soundcard resources or not. Usually if another host is active, it has already claimed the soundcard and could cause a conflict in Renoise trying to claim the soundcard as well.

I will respond in the other topic with an added suggestion how this might be done differently more into the direction what you are aiming for, but it depends on whether ReWire can be initialised easily or not.

If you can get to the settings?