[solved] Sample editor: undo broken when cutting different samples

When working with different samples inside one instrument, deleting whole samples is recorded as UNDO/REDO step, but cutting (trimming) samples isnt.


I delete one of 4 samples in an instrument.

I cut the beginning of sample nr. 2 by highlighting it (click-drag) and then cutting that amount of time (DEL key).

I hit UNDO (or CMD-Z) and instead of the cut being undone, the first step (deleting one of 4 samples) is undone. I can’t undo the cutting of audio material.

This is pretty bad because once I cut that audio, I know I can’t have it back anymore.

It sounds like you might have disabled Undo in the waveform editor.


Take a look at the toggle switch in the lower left corner.

ah that was it. sorry for overlooking this! cheers :))