[Solved] Sample Reverse ( B0 ) Didn`t Work


working on a track which used the “B0” command.
everything was okay until ive rendered a selection to sample. trying to play it reverse didnt work if i put B0 to the “dly” column.
the strange thing is when using the vol or pan column it works.

vol = on
pan = off
dly = on

i`ve tryed turning on the pan column and after that it works also correct at the dly column.

@ taktik, i send the file to your email now.

edit: i`ve used B9 ofcause.



The B0 command does not work in the delay column. The delay column has no sample effects, its only there to delay notes next to it, using the full (0 to FF) range.

oh sorry, ive just changed my color setup inside renoise, think this confused me a little bit, really thought ive used B0 on a delay column before.
thanks for the answer and sorry for my mistake!