[solved] Saving Samples?

Is there a possibility to save samples? At least I couldnt find a way to do it but I doubt a basic “feature” like that is missing. Help! I need to save lots of samples from my old mods.

yep , select your sample in the instrumentlist , press the sample button in the directory …rename sample, click disk icon , or you could also save the sample as an xnri and them just import the sample without the instrument parameters

Ahaa. I was using 1.9.0. First I had to give a name and press enter, only then the disk-icon highlights. Updated to 1.9.1 and it also works as you descriped, thanks for your help

I think it would be a good thing for Renoise to have a ‘save sample’ in the file tab (top left of screen) underneath the ‘save song’ / ‘save song as…’. Make renoise more n00b accessible :wink: This question keeps popping up every now & then. Clearly the current disk op isn’t the most intuitive for new users.