[solved] Scrolling Horizontally Permanently Stops Sound

I tried searching for this issue, but couldn’t find it, apologies if this is a dupe.

Running Renoise 2.1.0 on Ubuntu Jaunty.

This occurs whether using either the ALSA or JACK backend.

Load up one of the demo songs, I tried “DemoSong It-Alien - Life20.xrns” and start playing the song. Scroll the pattern editor with the horizontal drag bar. Immediately the sound stops even though the song is still playing. Cannot get the sound to come back until I reload the song.

Does this probably happen every time you are getting an underun. Underun means that short or constant CPU overloads cause that the soundcard could not be filled with audio “in time”. Probably the driver stops working after this.

Does hitting the “reinit” button in Renoise make the sound come back as well? Do the songs meter levels in the mixer look fine after such a stop?

What about hitting panic in Renoise. Does this bring back audio as well?

Does this always happen or did this only happened once?

This is repeatable.

I’ve investigated further and it is not that the sound is being killed, but that the tracks are actually being muted! If I unmute the track (switching “OFF” to “Play”) the sound continues. Once they have been toggled back on once, they stay on no matter how much I scroll the editor. It only seems an issue upon first loading the track.

Looks like you’ve enabled the “Auto Solo” option by accident. This will, as soon as you select a new track (which can happen while scrolling horizontally) mute all other tracks.
You’ll find this option below the “Edit Step” & “Octave” setting in Renoise on the upper left of the interface.
Probably we should no “memorize” this option on restart to avoid such confusion? This is really not obvious if you don’t know that such a thing exists.

Yes, auto solo was checked, and I didn’t even know that feature existed till just now.

Thanks, and sorry for posting the erroneous bug. (or maybe it is a bug, just in a different way as you suggest) ;)