[Solved] Signal Follower: Ability For Multiple Destinations?

It would be useful to be able to use one signal follower device for multiple destinations.

I realize you can set it up with a Hydra device, but it would be a little more simple to be able to just add more destinations within the signal follower.


Well, thats what Hydra exactly is for? Not having a hydra built into every device, simply makes thing easier when you don’t need multiple destinations…

And now you can minimize the devices in the DSP Chain, if you think they take up too much room :)

Fair enough, I can see your point. ^_^

I was about to suggest the same.

An “Add destination” button in the Signal Follower would be very intuitive.

Also I can’t figure out why Hydra would be a good choice, it will feel cluttered and you still have to edit all your Signal Follower instances instead of just one time?

Garf, the Hydra takes one input (the Signal Follower in this case) and sends it to many destinations, so you don’t need to have more than one signal followers if you want to send the same output to may inputs

I can’t figure it out, how exactly do you send to many destinations? :huh:
I tried to set the “dest. track” but it can only use one track!?

in this example, you have Hydra attached to the output of a Signal Folllower, thus controlling volume of track2 and track3 with a single Signal Follower device

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argh, sorry. fixed the link

Thanks, that was too clever for me, my buffalo brain somehow wanted the Hydra to control the signal follower :lol: :blink: