[Solved] Still Can'T Invest In Renoise

Hi there everybody.

This is my first post on this forum, so I’m sorry if I make a duplicate thread (sorry also for my english :P). I tried to googling about my issue but just found old posts that doesn’t helped me out, so I decide to register and try to find out if the community could help me.

I would like to invest in Renoise. I love Renoise a lot, following the dev since 1.8. I never bought it coz I was a student at the time and then I stopped making music during 10 years. Now I try to get back to my first love when I came accros the first choice to make for a computer composer : choosing a DAW. And after playing with some demos I had to realize that renoise is the best for me. But there is still 2 things preventing me to cross the line and finally invest in this wonderfull tracker :

  • I can’t use my favourites VST
  • I’m sorry to be running Windows as OS, and I’m sorry as well that I can’t enjoy the 64bit version of Renoise.

Let’s develop the first point, coz on the second one I guess I’ll have to wait for the coders to find a time to work on this. Of course nowaday this become an essential feature I think.

So here is my problem, finally, my favs plug-ins are not recognized by renoise : The Rob Papen’s one :D
I told u this was an old problem.

So before what happened was that everything worked ok but the Predator, cannot found him.
So I read the post saying it was hidden amongst the FX, and it fixed the thing.
After that I spent long time without touching anything related to music, réinstalling Windows etc.
Now I saw that Renoise 2.7 was out so I told myself that it was time to do something serious, I downloaded the demo and sadly I saw that none of the Rob Papen’s are recognized but Blue and Predator. Predator is lost in the FX, ok. I try to load it, boum, “VST failed to initialize”. Then I try the Blue (sniff) and argh, same.
All the others (SubBoomBass, RPVerb, etc) are just not showing elsewhere.

So now I’m stuck… I love Renoise and really would like to make it my main tool. But without Rob Papen I can’t live.
I thought about using Reaper (as it is not so exp also) and ReWire Renoise for the drums (or other synths) for example. Sadly this is too much consuming CPU power for my old config. I could bounce/render but this is so stupid since I know I’m so close to have it all working into Renoise (coz I saw them working in the past).
I tried to delete vstcache into renoise’s “doc n settings” folde, but no success. I only have this issue with Rob Papen though i read some users got similar problem with other brands, I have a whole bunch of vst and all are working flawlessly.

Is someone could help me with a fix ?
Or are the dev’s will take a look in there ? Rob Papen is doing some the the best sounding vst nowadays (IMO) and I just can’t not use them (taking the price into consideration too, I would be sad).
If I know that it is working, then nothing will prevent me to acquire Renoise (and why not make great tracks with it ? :P )

Thanks already for any help or comment and sorry for this message to be so long :P

Hi, thank you for your quick answer.

I installed both versions. 32 and 64. They are in separate folders (outside “Program Files”, i heard that UAC could cause problems). Of course my Renoise VST folder path points to the 32-bits folder (nothing happens when i scan the 64bit folder anyway ^^ ).

I could do the same in the past (renoise 2.1 demo), with the plugin listed in FX, then rescan. But now it seems not working anymore. The Blue and Predator keep telling me that “VST plugin failed to initialize” (and thus renoise doesn’t propose to re-list predator as an instrument since it can’t open it). The suboombass and RPVerb are just not listed at all.
Other Hosts work without any problem so I think the problem doesn’t come from the plug-ins.

Thanks again for your advice ;)

i had the same problem here but i was using a ripped version…did u buy yours???

Hmmm…yeah. ^^^glasshouses

Can’t afford Renoise but can afford €300 worth of plug-ins (and the rest…)?

You also don’t say what versions of the plugins they are. Nor what version of Windows you are using…

Have you read the pinned threads in this particular forum? Best place to start

Yeah sorry for running in, talking about my life instead of focusing on the technical side.

My config :

  • Windows 7 64-bits Home Premium.
  • Renoise 2.7.0 Demo
  • Rob Papen Predator 1.6.0 Demo
  • SubBoomBass 1.1.0 Demo
  • RP-Verb Demo (I don’t know the version number)
  • Blue Demo 1.9

I tried to install the same config on a friend’s machine and… it worked !
At first time nothing was recognized. Then I rescanned VSTs folder and Predator was found in the FXes, then I tried to run it and Renoise told me that there was a problem initializing GUI and then “failed to initialize”, then I tried again and it said “failed to initialize” then proposed to rescan since predator wasn’t an FX. And then, miracle ! Every plug-in was found and in the right place, everything is working.

Maybe I should try to wipe out every traces of Renoise and plug-ins and try a fresh install on my own machine.

PS : for the little story, I could acquire predator for cheap from a friend who just bought Komplete 7 and doesn’t use it so much. I’d like to start with a good DAW and a power-synth. Renoise is so powerful already when handling samples, I just need a synth to add more electric sounds. I was hesitating between Massive and Predator but my taste is more on Rob Papen products (plus i have an opportunity), so I tried them all to see if they work. For now, I use OpenMPT and Synth1 (etc)… I have another friend who has Renoise since vers 1.9 and everytime I stop at his house I get crazy seeing and listening to Renoise. I started with FastTracker II, so I can only love Renoise (plus all the great improvements made since these ancient times).

Thanks again to everybody and to Renoise dev for making one of the best audio app i ever tried.

@Davias: glad to see your problem resolved. truly hope you’ll invest in Renoise now, as it is, as you say, a great piece of software.

Personally i’d be reluctant to put so much of my faith in a VSTi. i mean, Renoise is a great product even if you weren’t able to run the Rob Papen VST, and there are loads of other options. i don’t mean to criticize you or anything, i’m just suggesting you might want to consider if you are happy to be so dependent upon one single VSTi, and how it would affect your music/creative process.

did not read everything but i use “Blue, Subboombass, RP-Delay and Reverb” and everything works perfect here. i still use windows XP

Hi everybody,

finally my problem got solved indeed, sorry for running too fast begging for help, I could have achieved myself…

I had to wipe Renoise and all demos, and also clean the registry from every ref to renoise or rob papen.

Now it’s working so I jump to the billing page, I order my Renoise ^^ and I’ll call my friend to tell him it’s ok :P
Thanks so much Renoise devs for : working so hard, keep the tracking alive and at top level, being price friendly we owe u a looooot.

Thanks to all who tried to help me ;)

Now I just hope for Renoise Windows to go 64bits someday, I know this is not an easy matter but I keep faith ^^

I have some interrogations, don’t know if it’s the right place to ask of if better to start a new thread :

  1. I tried Renoise 64 on some Linux. Maybe someday I’ll move to this solution but for now I can’t manage to get any VST working, maybe I need Wine, not sure. My question is : is LADPSA and/or DSSI plug-ins could work on my windows host ? (If there is any of them that are coded in 32 bits of course).
  2. What do people here thinks about a virtualized studio ? To avoid the crap coming out of Windows when u install a lot of stuff, or if u can’t manage to have dedicated OS (put everything : music, net, games, work, etc…). After some time, every version of Windows start to be slow as hell, doing I don’t know what kind of stuff in the background. During my quest to make Renoise working, I tried on a VM, to see what happen with fresh registry, and if my problem came from Renoise, my windows or my machine … And ho magic world, Renoise started 10x faster on the VM than on my host windows (and rob papen was working from the scratch). Is a VM studio config could be a viable alternative ?
    The pros I see :

  • Windows uncrippled coz u install only what u need. Not even internet.
  • Ability to rewind your config back with a snapshot if u make a big mistake.
  • If your windows should be reinstalled for any reason, your studio is ready to use out of the box.
  • Portable solution, u can bring your studio everywhere ^^
    The cons i fear :

  • I fear performance could be less good (latency etc)
  • Is a 64 bit VM can run on any 32 bits host ? it would be sad to have 2 studio VMs, depending on which host u want to run.
  1. I made a track with Renoise 1.8 Demo at the time. Now when I try to open it with the latest Renoise there is tempo problems (coz I was playing with the song speed if I understood well). Is the licence retro-compatible ?

Cheers everybody and thanks again.

It’s not that I plan to rely on only one VST. Renoise is already self sufficient with his sampling abilities and the built in effects are really good (and CPU friendly ^^).
Plus, as an old FTII user, I know how to manage without any synth or effect at disposal :D

Just nowadays if u want your music to be easily understanded by ppl, your sound have to be rock solid. Renoise as everything inside but a great synth. Now there is a bunch of free VSTi around the net, but I didn’t found one that is so “ready to use” than Rob Papen Predator. When I first heard it, I felt in love direct. Now I’m sure there is other commercial products that produce kick ass sounds as well. But they seems more complex to use for me. Predator is Electro/Pop ready ^^ and covers a vast array of diff sounds.

In music I don’t like to have any limits. I wanted to be sure this VST can work, if ever I decide to buy it (I still have hesitations, it’s quite more exp than Renoise, have to discuss with friend how much he would drop this)

First Renoise, then I’ll see what happen for any paid VST ;)

Bye ^^

Im thinking your problem is the os/user

Predator is my most used synth either on win or osx and i dont remember ever having the issue you speak of.
I only use the windows version of renoise on a 32 bit xp/7 though. .

Yes you are right, the problem came somewhere from the OS since wiping the registry fixed it. Now I’m not able to say what was it exactly :D Anyway now it’s solved and I’m the happy owner of Renoise ! ^^

you should have learned a lesson: next time you will face with a problem in Renoise, don’t leave it: ask the forum for help :)

Mmmh in fact I solved it by myself… But it’s ok, I’m glad to have asked for help, and to have had answers, that gave me motivation and hints to make me start the big cleaning of my registry.

Cheers ^^

I’m glad to hear you’re able to now invest in renoise… sounds like it might be the investment you made in Microsoft that should be in question? :blink:

Welcome, I’m sure any time you loose dinking with windows to keep it working like a well oiled machine will be met with countless years of fun with renoise.

I’d suggest you make a back up disk image of your system disk when you have everything working like you want it too, then just restore the whole system drive when you have problems that cause you to contemplate swearing off any other third-party developers :)

… even a finely tuned windows system has a tendency to self-emplode after a few months/weeks/sometimes days of heavy use. This has been the case pretty much forever.

My desktop has had Windows XP install for 8+ years without ever developing any issues causing me to think it’s working reinstalling. My laptop has only been reinstalled due to hardware failures.

Not saying Windows it great but anybody who has to reinstall that often (and I’ve known people who have) must really treat their system like shit!

Win XP has been quite reliable for me, i have only had problems when hardware is failing or i have filled up the system with all kinds of fishy applications.
There are so much bad software for the windows systems out there and i think that is the main problem, not the system itself.
You are asking for problems if you download all kinds of apps just because they sound good.

Exactly, most of the time programs let shit into the registry and the harddisk… I miss DOS time when everything was in a single directory, wanna uninstall ? delete :P

Welcome to Renoise!

Little tip, buy another hard disk, you can easily do something like this.

drive1: 250GB for Windows 7 for games/surfing the net/other stuff
drive2: 250GB for Windows 7 or XP for Renoise and sound apps
drive3: lotsofGB for data, big sample libraries, kontakt libs etc;

Once you setup you can just hide the Xp disk from the win7 disk and vice versa

Or you can use partitions, but I prefer unique drives.

Then you can use Clonezilla to image your Renoise install drive to your DATA drive or USB or something.

Another little bonus, a lot of free VSTs that don’t need to be registered or installed, they can be put standalone in a unique folder. I have all my stuff under c:\users\myname\renoise - all my stuff lives in there, all my freebee vsts live in that folder under vsts\ so when I have to reinstall windows I just copy back my Renoise project folder and reinstall my apps and my samples are on my data drive.

So for commercial VSTs I own, like Komplete 7, I have that in the usual C:\Program Files\Steinberg etc; folder, and the free, “portable” vsts go in c:\users\myname\renoise\vsts

I also have my free vst folders split into ‘dsps’ and ‘instruments’ with each vst in a unique folder, which makes sorting/managing a lot easier.

Hope that helps you a little.

Don’t be scared to ask for help, the Renoise forum is a very helpful and friendly community!

My setup is a little bit similar. Before I used to partition, then when I got a little bit more funds I used separate disks.
Now my setup is : Win 7 and Renoise and all VSTs on a SSD drive. Data and stuff on some tera-raid 1 (I lost twice all my project folders with HD crashes, hundred of tracks & thousands samples etc).

Sadly the SSD is not big enough to put 2 windows and I’m too lazy anyway to switch… I want to be able to make music, then realize I need a resources from the net and can launch all the crappy net stuff, or a friend arrived home n then I need to launch a game or a movie, but i don’t want to close the music stuff :P

The only way I see is to have dedicated VMs.

My perfect setup for now would be an almost empty Windows with all the drivers and updates, AntiVirus and firewall and VMware or Virtual Box installed.

Then a VM for each need :

  • Music VM
  • Net/Video/multimedia VM
  • Games VM
  • Development/Office/Work VM
  • Trash VM (to test unknown programs) (this one could be replaced by Sandboxie I heard)
  • Other OSes VM :P (haha using Ardour under Win 7 (or the opposite :P))

Or something like that…

For now my Music folder ressemble this :

  • Appz (plug-in exes and/or samples/patches)
  • VST32
  • VST64
  • Samples
  • Lab
  • SoundCheck

But after reading ur post, funkyspacecadet, I think I’ll separate standalone DLLs and need-to-be-installed plugins.

I would like Renoise could use all kinds of plugs on all kind of OSes : VST, RTAS, AU, LADSPA, DSSI, LV2, JS, Buzz machines, and any other format that exists :D
We need wrappers :D

Edit : sadly the renoise I launched on my VM starts really fast, but plays choppy sound… I think my perfect setup needs a monster machine…

I’d suggest a knock or two on wood :)

Point is - technology isn’t perfect.

so… it’s best practice to clean up after the mess Microsoft leaves (that’s why there are a bazillion windows reg cleaner utils out there) BEFORE swearing off perfectly stable applications - like renoise… especially with such a provocative subject line over something so trivial.

like alien says - you should learn a lesson from this experience!

I use windows on certain systems as well, I have no problem installing only legit applications and giving the system lots of TLC, but i’d be hard pressed to claim windows is or ever has been anything resembling a stable, low maintenance operating system. I wouldn’t claim Apple OS is rock solid either, for that matter. but that’s neither here nor there and OS wars are pretty darn silly!