[solved] strange note off when using one vst on 2 channels

hallo, i found out a strange issue when using one vst on 2 channels, the thing is, when i mute one of the tracks the unmuted track gets note off message when on the muted track a note starts while on the unmuted track a note is running, this only happens when i mute a track while muting a pattern it works right… i tried this with different vstis so the problem shouldnt be at the vsti`s…

You can’t use VSTs in more than one track at once! They (on the whole) only have a single audio stream output. You start trying to do that and obviously you are going to get strange results!

As kazakore has already pointed out, the vast majority of VSTi synths only offer a single audio output, and can therefore only play on a single track at any given time.

When you set a track to “Mute”, the notes are still actually being triggered, but you are simply muting their audio output. That’s why the notes from Track 1 are clashing with Track 2, even though Track 1 is muted.

When you set a track to “Off”, the notes never get triggered in the first place, so they never clash.

ok, that makes sense, thanks guys!