[Solved] Track Groups Stop Producing Audio After A While

Renoise 2.8 linux 32 on Arch Linux (Licensed)

Grouped tracks become silent after some time (~1h). This seems to happens only when the sequencer is not running.
Individual tracks’ vu-meters still work, but the group output suddenly becomes mute.
When this happens, ungrouping / regrouping the tracks restores the audio output of that group.
Non grouped tracks are not affected.
Nothing is visible in the Renoise log file

How to reproduce:

  • Send several audio channels to renoise from another host through the line input (possibly another instance of renoise as well), but don’t start renoise sequencer.
  • Group the audio tracks. The more tracks grouped, the sooner it happens. I can safely reproduce with 8 or 16 tracks grouped.
  • let it run for about an hour

Use case:

I’m using Renoise a final mixer / effect rack, the main sequencer being Buzz (on wine):

Buzz multi-outs -> Wineasio -> Jack-> Renoise -> jack out

This happened to me at home as well as playing live (not a very pleasant experience).
I can reliably reproduce the problem, but could unfortunately not collect any useful log.
The workaround is to avoid using track groups, but that complicates seriously my setup (I use effect sends on the track groups).



Haven’t tried this yet, but just bumping this topic…

Thanks Vv,

This reminds me that I forgot the obvious: an example file.
In the file attached, the track group “Mtrk2” stops after roughly 1 hour (12 tracks grouped)
Then the track group “Mtrk1” after 1,5 ~ 2 hours (8 tracks grouped).

Nothing dramatic or urgent, but this has been bugging me for a while…


OK, I think I finally found a workaround: the sequencer simply needs needs to be running all the time on an empty pattern. Then track groups work fine.
I’ve been running like that for a few weeks (both on 0.8.0 and 0.8.1) and didn’t encounter again the issue.