[solved] Track Mute MIDI mapping to notes not working

When you map the track mute for a single MIDI note, it can learn but will never take the value. CC working smoothly.

Hello Brian,

Quickly tested this and it’s working fine here. There are several ways to map track muting to a MIDI controller or note. Also when mapping notes, you have three choices on how to interpret the note (and velocity): Trigger, Gate, Value.

In general, if you want to ignore the velocity of a note and just control something with a NoteOn/Off, try disabling the “Prefer Setting instead of Toggling” option in the MIDI mapping dialog. This stuff is a bit over-complicated, but every MIDI controller out there sends out different stuff and you can use it in different ways too, so this is hard to “generalize”.

Could you give us a few more hints on what you have done, what you have expected and what did not work?

Sorry, this was my mistake, so it’s working in Gate mode. But there would be fine a negotiator flag like “Reverse”, then I can set the opposite working of the mute, like when the note on comes, it unmutes and when note off then it mutes - it means the reversed mute control always be muted in initial state. In this case I could see on my hardware that only active channel’s button is light up as it’s latching the triggered note.