[Solved]Track Not Routed

in my song, i have a ld01, bs01, and want to add a bd01, (lead, bass, kick) when i go into edit mode, and press a key on my midi keybaord, i notice that in the mixer, both the ld01, and bass01 also light up the mixer, the master, and everything works properly. however, when i create a microtonic, and go into edit mode, and insert kick, nothing is inserted, and, pressing midikey only lights up the master, but doesnt light up the bd track, so i think something isnt routed properly. its not a microtonic ‘issue’ though because when i create a new song, the bd01, and master channel light up again. it seems this is happening because i manually deleted the unused tracks in the mixer. i had 8 tracks, deleted 6 unused, had left bs01, ld01, and created a bd01 track. what could be the problem.

i just bought renoise on friday but really like the control it offers. even though its a bit slower to use then a pianoroll, i find that ideas come much easierin the long run when tracking. this is first tracker i ever used and hi.

figured it out after two days lol. anybody that comes across this problem, the solution is, you have to click on a track before the master track. if you create a track after the master and send, the track wont create midi.