[Solved] Track Playback Stops And Restarts


Happy New Bug for all the great team !! :drummer:

I know it’s not the good time to report this bug, sorry !!

As the topic’s title says : track1’s sound is stoping and restarting quickly, when I unmute other tracks.

Nothing more to say :

  • a simple song, one group (track1,track2,track3)
  • 3 other tracks
  • no send effects, nothing like this !
  • nothing exotic !
  • Autoseek for all the samples (10 samples)
  • Native plugins
  • jack audio
  • 25% CPU

It seems that the sound of the track1 stops, and takes long time (100-150 ms) to restarts in the global mix, with a fade in.

It’s not systematic.

Same problem with Renoise-Beta3.

Again, sorry !! :ph34r:

Happy New Year 2012 for ALL !



Hey, I have looked into the song, and I had a non-autoseek sample, that is why I had this problem…

So it works good now !



Did you had intended to report this as a bug? because 2.8 has a dedicated bug-report forum for this beta session.


Yes I wanted to make a bug report, I did not see I was in the wrong place when I wrote it…


Well already considering it is a nobug, it has no real use to move this topic anyway. But former my reply was just to inform you.