[solved] Track Scopes Not Working?

hey everyone,

i’ve been noticing a bug where track scopes (the boxes that show the waveforms at the top of the screen) are not showing any output for some tracks (i.e. flat lined, although the track is making sound, and the other volume meters - e.g. in the mixer view - are moving).

after some experimentation is seems to be happening when i record a new sample (using recording panel in sampler view), then use that new instrument in a track.

steps to recreate

  1. start new song

  2. go to sampler view, press record button, record something

  3. use this new sample on a track

  4. look at track scope not moving (although sound is working, and all the other meters are visualizing the sound)

here is a link to a renoise file that exhibits this behaviour:


I’m on the latest version 3.0.1 on OSX Mavericks


For whatever reason, your recorded sounds have left and right channels that are completely phase inverted from each other, which means that when the stereo signal is mixed down to mono (which the scopes do) the channels will cancel each other out and result in silence.

For example:
5380 renoise-shawhan-phase-inverted.png

You can see that the right channel is a mirror image of the left channel.

How exactly have you recorded these sounds into Renoise?

oh man… checked phase settings on my sound card and of course thats what it was. i thought i was going nuts!