[solved -> upgrade to 1.9.1] Borked Import with some Fasttracker XM

Well, as i have some hundred unfinished XMs, and wanna finish them in Renoise, this is a problem with 1 out of 300+ XMs:

It simply sounds completely wrong on nearly all sounds. it sounds a bit like the volume envelope is going too fast or slow…

Notice the bass in the start (compare with xmplay/ft2), or the rest, its all fuxxored.

Here’s the XM: http://nmioaon.harries.dk/TOCA41.zip

All i really wanted to do to this, is final mix/mastering, but thats impossible as it is.

Thanks if you will look into this!

I’ve opened your track in berotracker, madtracker and renoise…and can’t really hear much difference :)

Maybe you need to set the interpolation in the sample properties from cubic to linear for that grainy fasttracker sound? In other words the xm sounds good enough in Renoise to work on imo, just slap on some dsp or vst’s and get with it.

I’ve noticed also something else in regards to remixing an XM.

The volume’s are all over the place usually so the balance between instruments is lost. Also there are volume up and down commands + other commands that can be used for snare rolls in FT2 that are not working at the moment…

Haven’t tested the envelopes yet but I think they sounded better in 1.9.1 than they did in 1.9

1.9.1 had import fixes on the envelopes from IT and XM.
Other than that, imports only allow you to load your XM and IT modules but would never mimic the environment of the tracker itself. Also see the FAQ

Well, sounds like i just needed the .1 upgrade :slight_smile: can mix it properly now as it sounds near original ft2 :) so it WAS the envelopes.