[solved] upgrading the insert pattern function


when i have an old song that i want to edit for example 95 patterns
Then i when to add 8 nu pattern between the 64 and the 65. when i add a nu pattern renoise take a long time because it must compute and edit all the alias pattern.
I could be a nice trick to have a function add XX pattern so i you want to add 8 patterns you do it in one time. cause adding pattern one a the time and waiting… adding one …waining
It’s a pain in the ass. the matrix is now really cool. if the dev team could make a little be more cool and pleasing to use that would be great

perhaps could be done with a script but i have no clue

Right-click the Pattern Sequencer and disable “Keep Sequence Sorted”. This should speed up the process of adding/removing patterns in larger songs.


thanks it works like a charm