[solved] Virtual Guitarist VST

deleted this post, because mysteriously my problem was gone after a reload. sorry. can anyone delete this whole post ?

I would really like to help you, but I’ve tried sveral times to download a version of VG to try it out, but I had no luck.

well, the problem was that the program played some major-chords instead of my self-defined chords. this is because there are some chords which cant be played with a guitar it seems and vg cannot fit the keys pressed into a guitar-chord. or atleast some banks can while other cant.

aghh I hate reality :)

maybe there is a way to change the strings tuning to allow different chords to be played?

Or you could use two different instances to create the most out-of-ordinary stuff out there :D

Hi looza! :D

I’m currently using Virtual Guitarist in my songs and I saw that the VSTi includes a good number of styles (Players) covering most from blues to rock, from metal to funky, together with chords and riffs played accordingly to the style (8 Parts for each one) you chose from the bank selection box in Renoise, under Instrument Settings.

For example, choosing “New Metal Riffs” style and then “Digger” part, it will play a straight Iron-Maiden rhytmic guitar line; otherwise, still with “New Metal Riffs” but with “Godzilla” part, it will use the same metal sound, but it will play some Led Zeppelin style riffs. :yeah:

Using VG notes in Renoise make it playing first the full chord and then it continue with riffs syncronized with Renoise BPMs; if you else want only full chords (no riffs), you must write the note followed by the pause note. Beware of riffs tempo syncronizing, because, if you start a riff with a new note you must first insert a pause just the line before the new note, otherwise VG will make a messy tempo. maybe this is caused by the retriggered note not correctly passed to the VSTi.

The most useful thing I found in VG is that it’s fully automated by the MetaDevice VSTi automation track effect; if you insert that in your track effect rack, it will include ALL the parameters of VG, allowing to change riffs and sound (WAH expression pedal, mic position and shuffle too! B) ) along with the song, obtaining very good results.

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so… by now, I almost insert VG in every song of mine, because of its sound quality and features… if you want some more words about it, let me know, ok? :lol: my email is j_petrucci@virgilio.it
and maybe you can find some VG guitars in my old songs (they are under “metal progressive” in the “songs” section of this site. :ph34r:

take care


… 10 years later … I’m still using Virtual Guitarist, and it works so fine in Renoise (it’s a real pain in other DAW’s)