[solved] Volume Control

Hi ppl

Sorry for my dumb question but…
… I am trying to figure out how to control volume of VST instruments in tracker, without controling volume of whole track.

I would like to instrument I play sounds a bit silenter on some plays and a bit louder in some other parts. For example, with samples I would do this:

A-5 20 ----
A-5 40 ----
A-5 30 ----

but with VST ins. it should ne like this:

A-5 – 0C20
A-5 – 0C40
A-5 – 0C30

but this way it affects on track volume.

Any other way?

which VST instrument are you using?

as far as you want to change the volume only at the beginning of the note, as you show in your example, it should work exactly as you show in the first way. Changing the volume after the first line would require using Channel Pressure and/or Aftertouch, which is not always supported by VST instruments. read more about this here

Yep, you should be able to control VST instruments using the first technique.

Now if, for some reason, the VST doesn’t support controlling volume (some VSTs like drum machines or organ emulators have no way of controlling volume) - maybe that’s what you are experiencing…you can try another approach and add a velocity device, and use it to control a volume/filter/whatever device.

Well I am using RobPapen’s Albino3, instrument Kleven in Ambient Sounds menu. Perfect function for me would be - Amplify control [as it is right now in VST Instruments properties] but in tracker as a command line.

Maybe there is some other way?

you should quite likely be able to control amplification using MIDI CC #07:

not in vo pa comm  
--- 00 -- C0 0700 <= sets volume to minimum  
--- 00 -- C0 077F <= sets volume to maximum  
--- 00 -- C0 0740 <= sets volume to 40 (about half)  

edit taktik: max is 7F, not FF for MIDI

Ah I seeee! Thank you! According to http://tutorials.renoise.com/Renoise/EffectCommands
I would never typed C0 i panning column [as it is disabled by default song] and two columns for notes were opened so when type C0 at the beginning, graphics does not refresh [until I hit CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT and then LEFT key] so 0000 appears.

Also on explanation on tutorials page writes:

MIDI / VSTI commands in panning column
**C0 - Send CC Change, value in the effect-column (XXYY, XX = controller, YY = value)
*** Common XX values:
01 - MOD wheel
07 - Volume …

so I thought I should enter --C0 7000 instead – C0 0700

Thanx a lot for your help!