[Solved] Vst Not Funktioning


What is the bit-version of the Waves plugin? 32-bit or 64-bit?
Also Waves plugins have some sort of routine to get them working in generic in any host. This sometimes involves completely uninstalling them and then reinstalling from scratch.



mostly im silent regarding such topics.

but its obvious…

i mean its your business what you do and what not.
but please think about the way you present the plugin/problem.
even if its actually costing 112$ (only the plugin).

or use the ssl g-channel or any other compander of the complete wave suite.

oh, and the last update for V8 is r13… and the new V9 also. (;

forgot to mention that there was an answer at gearslutz forum:

“Delete the DAWs Audio Unit Cache and start your DAW letting it create a new Audio Unit Cache. This normally helps solve such problems.”

you didnt get it, did you?!
i were assuming that your suite isnt legal, hence your “outdated” version.

check these links for inspiration and explanation:

http://lapinic.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/mixing-mastering-with-renoise-english/ thx 2 kurtz

you are right,
I didnt understand

I will check that out, and get back here when I ve fixed it,


READY ,I have solved it ,thanks a lot!