[solved] Vst Plug In Question

Hi All,

I have a problem using NI Kontakt as a VST plug in.
in my VST Folder i can see . kontakt.vst file, but for some reason in Renoise
it doesn’t appear in my VST list.

I have tried re-installing the plug in, which btw works fine as a stand alone
and also as an AU component in for instance logic, and have also trashed all old prefs and plug in files.

The funny thing is that it did work before on my system, but then i installed an update of kontakt and since then, no cigar.
any suggestions why Renoise doesnt see the .vst file and how i might fix it?

many thx!

Never mind folks, problem solved by persistence. just did the whole process again of trashing everything and re-installing and works fine now.