[solved] Vst Plugin Issues

Renoise hasn’t been detecting plugins I’ve recently extracted (CamelPhat, Tridirt, Classic Master Limiter and Voxengo Boogex), yet is still detecting plugins I’ve had for a longer time. They’re all in the same root folder too.

Might it be because those I’ve mentioned are effects plugins, whereas all the others I have (which are still being detected) are instruments?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

What operating system are you using? Windows? Mac OSX Linux?


sorry for the silly question: are you looking into the right place? the VST effects are listed into the track DSP listbox, not among the VST instruments

@It-Alien: Yep, I did look there. But your question gave me the idea to check that I did have the right folders set for both the instruments and effects, and…

…problem solved! They were all in the same folder, but I simply had the wrong sub-folders set in my preferences. Silly of me.

Thanks anyway!