[solved] VST settings in songs are not stored by Renoise (Linux)

Dear all,

I’m a new renoise user and currently running the 64bit demo version of Renoise 2.8 on Linux. So far, I love the program and its workflow quite a bit and I’m really glad that there is such a professional audio workstation available for Linux. However, there is one issue I’ve come across that really spoils the fun a little bit for me, which may or may not be directly related to Renoise (I don’t know for sure, since Renoise is my only DAW right now)

I’ve managed to get VSTs running on linux via vst-dssi. Most of them work flawlessly, but whenever I load a previously saved song in Renoise, all VST settings are restored to default. This is the case for both instruments and effects and apparently affects all VSTs I have tried so far (e.g. CamelCrusher, Overloud SpringAge). Thus, I doubt it’s a problem of the VSTs but rather an issue of Renoise not properly saving my settings.

I could probably do without VSTs or manually load saved presets every time i open a song, but this seems a little inconvenient, especially when using a lot of VSTs in one song.

I dont’s know if this is a general limitation of the workaround to get VSTs working on Linux or a restriction of the demo version of Renoise, but maybe there is just something I have forgotten to set up properly. Has someone made similar experiences or any idea what I could to to solve this?

Thank you very much.


This problem doesn’t appear when I use the plugins from the ladspa menu (and not from dssi plugins). However, I won’t be able to use their original GUI this way.

Which native VST plugins don’t restore settings? (the ones you don’t need vst-dssi for)

Frankly, I don’t use (i.e. don’t know of) any useful native linux dssi/ladspa plugins at all. I use Renoise’s native DSPs, which work fine and most other effects I’m interested in are Windows VSTs…

Oh, how embarassing…
It was actually my own mistake and not a problem with Renoise or the VSTs. You may safely close/delete this topic.

My settings weren’t really reset, it seems they were just not displayed correctly in the GUI until I actually played the song once. Not a big issue therefore. Should have noticed this myself earlier, but I guess I was just experimenting too much and looking too hard for things that are not great about Renoise ;)

Sorry for bothering you and thank you for your attempted help anyway. I’m still open for recommendations regarding linux native plugins, though.