[Solved] Vsti Loads As Effect Vst

Why does my vst instruments (Miroslav Philharmonik & Sampletank) load in the tracks dsp effect menu? And how do I correct it?

If they appear as effect, this usually means these plugins identify themselvse as effects.
Some plugins also come with an effect plugin related to the VSTI, in that case it would mean that the VST instrument might not have been recognised at all or something went wrong during the detection process.

You can either do a rescan in the Plug/Misc preferences and check the “rescan previously failed plugs” to see if that fixes the problem.
In the most dramatic case you’ll have to delete (or rename) the CachedVSTs.db and the cachedfailedvsts.db in the preferences folder (Help -> Show preferences folder) and do a complete plugin rescan again.

If that doesn’t solve the thing we might have to look more closely to those plugins.
Sampletank is known for having annoying erratic behavior also when it is being detected properly.

Problem solved itself… Just clicking on sample tank in tracks dsp resultet in a failure notice saying this plug-in apears to be an instrument, restart renoise!

I did and there it was in my instruments!